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Alexander Wang Wins $90 Million in Legal Battle Over Counterfeit Goods

Well... sort of.
Lexi Boling on the runway at Alexander Wang fall 2016. Photo: Imaxtree

Lexi Boling on the runway at Alexander Wang fall 2016. Photo: Imaxtree

Alexander Wang doesn't mess around when it comes to people ripping off his work. According to WWD, the designer has successfully sued nearly 50 defendants (who collectively run 459 websites) that have been carrying counterfeit Alexander Wang items. However, Wang is unlikely to receive the actual settlement — totaling $90 million dollars — owing to the fact that the owners of the domains are impossible to trace.

A spokesperson for the label explained to WWD that the court system will regularly bestow large settlement sums for largely symbolic purposes that exist primarily to discourage future parties from getting into the counterfeit game. So basically, even though the court agreed on a settlement of $90 million dollars, the brand won't actually be getting $90 million dollars. (We're still trying to wrap our brains around it, too.)

This marks the first legal settlement the label has pursued, and due to Wang's international presence, hopefully sends a message to counterfeiters. "Protecting our brand requires maintaining constant vigilance on a global scale as well as taking proactive measures such as sending cease and desist orders directly to domestic and foreign counterfeiters as well as contacting website servers that host counterfeit sites," said the brand's chief principle officer, Dennis Wang. "The creativity and originality of our designs are the foundation upon which the company is based." 

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