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Beyoncé Demonstrates How to Wear a Power Suit Outside the Office

We'll call this look Ally McBeal meets Eve from "Life Size."

Beyoncé just single-handedly resurrected the late '90s/early 2000s lady power suit, and, well, bless her for it. She and Jay Z both suited up for Monday night's New York City premiere of the film "Hands of Stone," which stars Usher and Robert De Niro (a totally logical duo?). Beyoncé's take on the look was a double-breasted pinstripe jacket, paired with a matching mini (mini, mini) skirt by French label Pallas. The jacket originally retailed for $2,005, but is now on sale for $701; what are you waiting for?????

Elle pointed out the look's Ally McBeal vibes, which is a pretty spot-on description, given the super-short skirt and '90s silhouette. But for some reason, the first thing that came to mind for me was Tyra Banks's character Eve from the 2000 classic film, "Life Size."

Eve's great, everywhere she goes. Photo: Giphy

Eve's great, everywhere she goes. Photo: Giphy

Beyoncé accented her suit with an awesome glossy eye, which you can see up-close in a selfie she posted to Instagram, which also nicely shows off her killer earring game:

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BRB, going to buy a double-breasted jacket and make a piercing appointment.

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