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The Cool Virginia Merch That Alyssa Bought to Rep her Hometown

Let's pay tribute to the state that I — along with Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Tim Kaine — have called home.
Virginia tee (in white or black), $38, available at Commonweath.

Virginia tee (in white or black), $38, available at Commonweath.

I grew up in Virginia Beach, a surf town at the southeastern tip of the state that, thanks to its charm and extremely chill way of life, is the ideal place to go back and visit in the summer. Sadly, my schedule hasn't allowed for a trip this year, and I'll admit that I'm feeling a little homesick.

Serendipitously, Fashionista contributor Jian DeLeon — who also spent his formative years in VB — posted a very stylish t-shirt that pays tribute to our hometown on Instagram, and I wasted no time scooping one up. It has a sleek screen print that vaguely reminds me of waves — or, if you're feeling slightly dangerous, shark fins — though Jian tells me it's actually a riff on the logo for Star Trak, Pharrell and Chad Hugo's record label. It brings me right back to the days of my youth, when local surf shop gear paired with slip-on Vans was the cool kids' uniform of choice.

Even if you're not a Virginia native, think about all of the pop cultural phenoms that hail from the area. Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Pusha T and Teddy Riley (of Blackstreet fame) were all literally my neighbors. And even Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for vice president of the United States, calls it home. How #timely.

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And because it's Friday, I'd like to leave you with my personal favorite hometown tune from my high school days. Enjoy!

Virginia tee (in white or black), $38, available at Commonweath

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