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How the Creatures of the Wind Designers Approach Celebrity Dressing

Elle Fanning hosted a dinner for Shane Gabier and Chris Peters in LA, where we discussed dressing fellow cool famouses Michelle Obama and Lena Dunham.
Chris Peters, Elle Fanning, Shane Gabier. Photo: Courtesy

Chris Peters, Elle Fanning, Shane Gabier. Photo: Courtesy

On Thursday night, Elle Fanning co-hosted a dinner for Creatures of the Wind designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters to celebrate their capsule denim collection at concept store Just One Eye in Los Angeles. The party was true to the brand and the store, marrying fashion, celebrity and high-art (I almost ran into a $2 million Damien Hirst so many times, I was soon on a first-name basis with a store security guard). Guests included actresses Rowan Blanchard, Rainey Qualley, Yara Sahadi, musican Soko, designer Rosetta Getty and a bevy of stylists and influencers.

Available for one month exclusively at Just One Eye, the capsule allows shoppers to create custom-embroidered pieces, choosing between "graphic floral motifs, psychedelic line work and geometric shapes." The party reflected the collection's themes, with dancing colored lights, vibrant floral centerpieces and wall installations, and once the air went out well into the hot LA night, a bit of a psychedelic feeling.


Early in the evening, Gabier sat down with me to talk about recently showing the brand's resort 2017 collection in London, the delicacy of dressing celebrities, and politics.

Do you want to do something again like the limited collection you just showed with Farfetch in London in June?

That was a really great experience. But it was also so much work. For us, May and June are usually kind of our mellow months. So the part of me that wants to have a mellow spring in 2017 is saying we shouldn’t. But it was so successful and so fun and we have such great support in the U.K. that I feel like we could end up doing it there again.

It’s cool because normally [a collection] has to be a much bigger quantity in order to get production. When you’re working on really special things like that, you can do something that is so much smaller, more organic, or intuitive. It’s fun to not have to think about producing hundreds of something. Just, how do I produce six of this special thing?

Can we talk about the signature parka that was such a great part of the collection?

Those were a super special edition, but the embroidery company that we work with has such amazing capabilities that we’ll definitely want to keep capitalizing on that in some way.

Who do you work with?

It’s a company in India. They’ve been doing high-end and couture embroidery for decades. Not a lot of people in New York use them.

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Are they the same company you are working with for the denim capsule?

Yes! They’re doing all of the custom embroidery for the jeans.

Obviously Elle wears your things, Pharrell famously wore one of the parkas, Lena Dunham wears a lot of your things—you have a solid celebrity following. Do you seek out celebrities or influencers?

The whole celebrity dressing, for us, is something that we were really tentative about. It’s been something that has been strictly organic. As much as possible, we want it to be someone we know, someone who likes the clothes on their own. You can never force that kind of relationship. It has to be something that just happens.

Are you sending the clothes to them or are they reaching out to you?

It’s kind of both. Lena is a good friend of ours. We kind of email about something coming up for her or if we have something that we think will be really great we may suggest it for her.

Michelle Obama and Lena Dunham in Creatures of the Wind. Photos: Getty Images

Michelle Obama and Lena Dunham in Creatures of the Wind. Photos: Getty Images

Michelle Obama recently wore something of yours. How did that happen?

I’m actually not 100 percent sure. I can’t even really speculate on how she got that, but I was of course super excited when I saw the photo. She looked great.

I know Lena wore something of yours to the Democratic National Convention last month. And then Michelle Obama also wore you. Anything political about that?

I think you can see where our loyalties lie.  

Click through for some pics of more cool celebs/influencers at the party.