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Karina's Secret Weapon to Getting a Perfect Cat-Eye

It's only $6.
DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs, $6, available at DHC.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs, $6, available at DHC.

My daily makeup routine usually consists of BB cream, a light wash of champagne shadow and a black cat-eye. I've nailed the whole thing down to five minutes, but on the days when I mess up my liquid liner, I reach for these all-natural, olive oil-coated cotton swabs.

DHC is a pharmacy brand that's sold everywhere in Japan. Their cleansing oil is the stuff of (beauty) legend, but my favorite product of theirs is hands-down these olive oil-tipped cotton swabs, which I got at a recent trip to Tokyo. If I mess up the wing or accidentally go in with an extra-heavy hand, I don't need to scramble for a dry Q-tip and makeup remover to even things out. They're also multipurpose; I use them for conditioning my eyelashes after wearing mascara and on my cuticles before doing an at-home manicure. One box lasts basically forever (and that's coming from a near-daily liquid liner junkie) and each double-ended swab is individually packaged, which makes tossing them into a makeup bag a snap. And have I mentioned that they're only $6?

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs, $6, available at DHC.

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