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Dior's New Anti-Aging Serum Will Retail for $1,550

So fancy.
Dior Prestige La Cure, $1,550, out in September. Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Dior Prestige La Cure, $1,550, out in September. Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Beauty companies are beginning to roll out their fall products, and for Dior, autumn 2016 is all about fancy skin care. As in, costs-more-than-most-people's-rent fancy. The crown jewel in Dior Beauty's fall lineup is Prestige La Cure, a three-step treatment system that will hit shelves in September and retail for $1,550. 

That price tag is even more extreme given that the whole set is intended to be used over the course of three weeks, so it's not even a situation where you can hoard it for years, savoring and cherishing every drop. "Each of the three bottles are designed to work together over a timespan of three weeks, in order to create incredible results," the press release for the product reads. "Week one resets the complexion, week two renews and week three perfects."

So what accounts for the extreme pricing? According to the press materials from Dior, the formula inside those three little vials is highly advanced, scientifically speaking: 

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"Dior's scientists extract active ingredients from the Dior Gardens' Rose de Granville at the height of its bloom, when its molecular power is three times more concentrated than any other time. In order to capture the full potential of the rose, it must be picked within one hour of full bloom. As a result, Dior Prestige La Cure can only be produced in small amounts, making it one of the most rare skincare regimens available today."

Sure, why not.

But Dior is hardly the first to create a super (super, super, super) expensive skin product. Take, for example, RéVive's Peau Magnifique Youth Recruit Set, which sells for $1,500. There's also Clé de Peau Beauté's La Crème ($795), Orogold's 24K Nano Night Recovery ($1,000), La Prairie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare ($1,140) and La Mer's 16.5-oz Crème de la Mer ($2,060). So, given the fact that companies keep producing these types of items, it's fair to assume that someone's out there buying them. Kylie Jenner, perhaps?

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