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'90s Double Buns Are Officially Back

Don't want none unless you got buns, hun.

Get ready to retire your plain old singular topknot. The super-high double-bun look that everyone (read: The Spice Girls) loved so much throughout the '90s is officially back. And this time, it's the models who can't get enough of the hairstyle. Josephine Skriver started experimenting with it about a month ago (that's her above), and in the last few days, a few of her fellow It Girls™ have followed suit.

First, Cara Delevingne paired the style with some equally '90s face-framing tendrils during her press tour for 'Suicide Squad.' 

Jen Atkin, the hairstylist behind Delevingne's look, let us in on her inspiration for it: "I'm so into the way the '90s are weaving their way into the beauty and fashion world right now," she said. "Cara's buns were inspired by Baby Spice, a '90s icon, and by the girls in Harujuku, Japan who do creative and playful buns in their hair."

And then there's Hailey Baldwin, who wore the look to Kylie Jenner's birthday party:

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The key to pulling off the style is pretty simple: You need to have a lot of hair. Puny little nub buns aren't going to cut it. (And while you're at it, make sure you stick to just two buns if you'd like to avoid an unintended, culturally appropriative effect.) We'd wager that every single one of these models' styles includes some sort of hair extensions. Hey, no one ever said looking like Baby Spice came easily.

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