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New Service Promises to Find Any Hermes or Chanel Bag Within 72 Hours

Consignment site Baghunter claims its network of resellers has grown to the point that it can locate any flap bag or Birkin your heart desires.
Kristen Stewart holding Chanel. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart holding Chanel. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Hermes and Chanel have both managed to create handbags (and maintain an air of exclusivity and luxury around them) that continue to inspire rabid demand, and increases in value, decades after they were first put on the market. Thanks to their enduring design and excellent quality, these bags have also led to the creation of a massive resale market. So massive, in fact, that one retailer claims it can find any Hermes or Chanel bag (pre-owned, that is), no matter how rare, in just a couple of days.

On Tuesday, luxury consignment site Baghunter launched Bag Concierge, an online service where customers can search for a specific Hermes or Chanel bag by inputting features such as size, color and material. Clients pay an upfront fee of $99 which either becomes a non-refundable credit towards purchasing the bag once it's found or is returned in the "unlikely" event that Baghunter's experts aren't able to locate it. (So, don't pay the $99 unless you're sure you want to buy the bag.) While a press release says the company will locate the bag within 72 hours.

"Our network of trusted resellers has grown extensively and to the point that we are confident of finding any handbag regardless of rarity, exclusivity, or supposed unavailability," said Baghunter CEO Evelyn Fox in a statement. "The idea for a Bag Concierge service grew from the number of requests we received from clients seeking specific bags that weren’t listed on our website." Baghunter tested the service with VIP clients before opening it up to the public.

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Baghunter has been buying, selling and consigning luxury handbags since it launched in 2014. It guarantees the authenticity of its bags and is accredited by BBB, where it has an A+ rating.

In the past year, it's released two studies detailing how both Hermes and Chanel bags have increased in value over time.

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This post was updated to reflect that the time frame is in fact, 72 hours, not 48 hours as the brand's website incorrectly stated at the time of publication.