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James Franco Has Neon Ombré Hair Now

Just try not to look directly at it.

Neon colors and ombré are two major hair-color trends that have been going strong for years at this point. And now, James Franco has gotten in on both of them — temporarily (we can only hope). Following in the footsteps of the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have both experimented with pastel pink wigs during shoots, the actor recently posted a photo on Instagram showing off his below-the-shoulder, blonde-to-pink-to-blue ombré hair. And we have to say, it's difficult to look directly at it without feeling an involuntary shiver run down your spine. (Just us? Didn't think so.)

Franco's caption offers slightly more explanation: It seems as though the actor, who once had a strained relationship with rapper Riff Raff back when he played Alien (the two had an undeniable resemblance) in the 2012 film 'Spring Breakers,' will be appearing in an upcoming Riff Raff video. Glad those two crazy kids were able to work out their differences and find common ground. 

h/t People

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