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Kendall Jenner Got Her September 'Vogue' Cover

The inevitable has happened.

In news that should startle exactly no one, Kendall Jenner is on the cover of Vogue's all-powerful September issue. After receiving her very own special-edition of the glossy in March, Jenner has been fated to receive a full-fledged non-subscriber cover any month now. But with 63 million Instagram followers, a beauty contract and a much-hyped spot in last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, not just any cover would do. 

On Thursday, Jenner took to — where else? — Instagram to reveal the Mert and Marcus-lensed issue, on which she wears a flouncy Gucci suit against a slate background. (In fact, the whole aesthetic is notably similar to Beyoncé's September 2015 cover — coincidence?) In a caption, Jenner wrote:

"in a room with a bunch of people I love, looking at this cover made me cry. I FUCKING DID IT. SEPTEMBER VOGUE. this is the coolest thing ever! can't thank you enough Anna, for giving me the honor."

Jenner also poses next to a predictable cover line — "The Face That Launched a Billion Likes" — which, sure, is the damn truth, but couldn't Anna Wintour et al. have come up with a more original selling point than her obviously explosive social media presence? Wintour did dedicate the September 2014 cover to the "Instagirls," after all, so we're thinking it's due time for a fresh angle.

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As with last yearVogue's September issue is available for pre-order on Amazon before it hits newsstands.

Homepage photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images 

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