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Maura's Favorite Pair of Shoes Got the Enamel Pin Treatment

It's almost as good as the real thing.
Milly Pins Gold Booties Enamel Pin, $8.50, available at Etsy.

Milly Pins Gold Booties Enamel Pin, $8.50, available at Etsy.

If you're a loyal reader of this website, you might remember the gold glitter boots I wrote about for this very column last October. Nine months later, I can officially say that they're the favorite items in my wardrobe. (Don't believe me? Check my Instagram.) I've only worn them three or four separate times — they're my Special Occasion shoes — but when I do, they bring such an immense sense of joy that it holds me over for a month or two. 

The other day, I was bopping around — where else? — on Instagram when I saw that a friend had tagged me in a picture of gold glitter booties that, upon initial investigation, looked nearly identical to mine, but much, much, much smaller. It was a pin, you guys! An angel on Etsy — Milly Pins, specifically — made a pin of my favorite-ever shoes! And with pins being all trendy at the moment, it's an easy way to rep my boots on the days I'm not actually wearing them (which is to say, most days). A token, if you will. Plus, it's only $8.50 — a small price to pay for complete, unadulterated happiness.

Milly Pins Gold Booties Enamel Pin, $8.50, available at Etsy.

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