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Fashion Blogger Danielle Bernstein Launches Her Own Line of Overalls

Are overalls your second skin, too?

For fashion bloggers, it's no longer enough to upload your #OOTDs and call it a day. To truly be an #influencer, you've got to have ad campaigns, designer collabs and buzzy social media accounts under your belt too.

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What is going one step further and launching her own fashion line. Announced on her Instagram today, Second Skin Overalls is the first design venture from Bernstein. There's not much information beyond the Instagram account and a website that promises the brand's launch this fall, but it's hardly surprising that Bernstein's first foray into design would involve "second skin" overalls; the style regularly appears in her posts, with Bernstein once proclaiming, "Overalls are my second skin." (Hence, we assume, the name.) Previously, she's designed capsules with brands like Onia and Topshop.

We've reached out to Bernstein's reps for more information; coincidentally, she will also be taking part in the "What Does It Mean to Be an Influencer Today?" panel at our "How to Make It in Fashion" conference this November. 

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