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'Vogue' UK Aims to Tackle the Mystery of Wellness in New Video Series

From clean eating to crystal baths to cryogenics, host Camille Rowe takes viewers along on her personal quest to live "well."

On the heels of its successful Alexa Chung-hosted docu-series covering different careers within the fashion industry, Vogue UK is ready to tackle another exclusive, slightly befuddling topic that's taken over the zeitgeist: wellness.

Of course, the word "wellness" can take on a plethora of meanings depending on who you ask, but in a time when athleisure is a nearly $100-billion market, $12 green juices are an increasingly popular business model and a trendy new workout pops up seemingly once a month, it's easier than ever to hop on the bandwagon. But what does the concept of "living well" really entail?

The British magazine enlisted 26-year-old model Camille Rowe, a recent Los Angeles transplant, to attempt to find the answer. Burnt out after years of partying in New York, Rowe relocated to California — the very place where the wellness movement originally began in the 1970s, when being in good health started to be a positive lifestyle choice, rather than just meaning "the absence of disease." 

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Over the course of the "What on Earth Is Wellness" series, Rowe will meet with experts on various topics and trends within the industry, tackling everything from cryotherapy to crystal baths to clean eating and meditation. While no two people will have the same "journey" on the road to achieving peak wellness, we're hoping that Rowe will be able to demystify — or, at the very least, call bullshit — on some of the more bizarre phenomenons that are being packaged as cure-alls.

Watch the first episode in full above, and head to Vogue UK for more.

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