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Hey, Quick Question: Is Alexander Wang Behind the Best Meme Account On Instagram?

Not no.
Alexander Wang RS17 1923.jpg

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

If you follow lots of fashion people on Instagram, scrolling through your feed can sometimes feel like a sickeningly staged, perfectly filtered and frequently #sponsored slog, but hey — we're suckers for pretty things, so we do it anyway. To break up the monotony (and to save yourself from a downward self-esteem spiral), it's important to mix things up with some humor, particularly of the juvenile and/or self-aware sort, which is where those ever-popular meme accounts come in. 

While everyone has his or her own taste in memes, team Fashionista has a few agreed-upon favorites, including (but not limited to): Shit Model Management, Official Sean PennRemember This Happened, Pop Culture Died in 2009, Beige Cardigan and Daddy Issues. But, believe it or not, Alexander Wang's personal Instagram page, @alexwangny, might low-key be the best meme account out there right now. We've long known the designer has a great, if not slightly twisted, sense of humor, and if you follow him (not his company, which is separate and very #professional) on the platform, you're in for some real fun. 

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With a bio that reads simply, "UNCENSORED, viewer discretion advised," much like those "Parental Advisory" sweatshirts he debuted on the spring 2014 runway, the designer's Instagram is certainly not for the conservative folks among us. The party-centric page features photos of #WangSquad adventures, lots of stoner humor — take the birthday cake he had made for Lexi Boling's birthday, for example — and, of course, memes galore. It's a true joy of the Internet, and a refreshing departure from the depressingly predictable fashion Instagram formula. (While we're on the subject: If you're on the hunt for something a bit more highbrow, may we suggest Alessandro Michele's esoteric yet delightful personal account, as well?) 

Check out some highlights below. You're welcome.

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