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This App Will Make Organizing Your Beauty Collection Fun

World, meet Lovelyloot.
Photo: Courtesy of Lovelyloot

Photo: Courtesy of Lovelyloot

Whenever friends come over to my apartment for the first time, their expression, upon seeing the mountains of bags and drawer sets containing my beauty stash (in addition to a literal wall of nail polishes) is usually a mix of awe, envy and incredulity. And while it is truthfully a constant source of joy to play with new beauty products as part of my job, it's not always easy to keep track of what I have. (I know, what a rough existence.) My boyfriend, who collects vinyl records like I do liquid eyeliners, keeps an online log of his collection on a site called Discogs, where users can add titles in addition to viewing current selling prices online. (It's actually pretty cool.) Naturally, he had asked me if a beauty equivalent existed, or if there was some other way to digitally catalog my stash. My answer? Nope, not really.

That's where Lovelyloot comes in. The app, which launched just last month, is a user-friendly, fun way to keep track of all your beauty products, plus options to customize folders like wish lists, favorite products and current skin-care routine. (For example, here are all the face masks I currently own.) "As someone who loves beauty products, Lovelyloot was born from my own frustration," says Ida Linden, the company's founder. "I'd tried everything from a short-lived stint trying to use Excel to keeping my empty bottles, to saving screenshots and notes on my phone." (Anyone else get anxiety from the thought of looking at rows of products on a spreadsheet?) 

Images: Courtesy of Lovelyloot

Images: Courtesy of Lovelyloot

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In the app, you can toggle between a home screen that displays the most popular items being added in real time, a search page organized by product type (plus a search bar at the top), a page called "My Loot," which displays all your products, and your user profile. The app's interface is clean, fun and straightforward, and on top of that, weirdly addictive: In the days right after downloading, I fell down a rabbit hole of adding my collection (I found that manually searching for each to be the easiest), and just over two hundred products later, I reached a stopping point. (Real talk: It's pretty neat to be able to scroll through your "loot" and create folders that make sense to your needs.)

As for what's on Lovelyloot's radar? "We already have a few things in the works, and are getting great feedback from our users about what they’d like to see," says Linden. "We'll be adding the ability to save links to any article or YouTube video, as well as setting your preferences to indicate where you like to shop and the types of products you're most interested in. The developers are also planning on growing the in-app database to accommodate beauty trends such as green and natural options and K-beauty. While an Android version is TBD, iPhone users can download it on the App Store for free. And if you end up obsessively archiving your stash this weekend, don't tell us we didn't warn you...

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