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Dhani's Warm, Grown-Up Perfume

That also looks chic on my desk.
Bella Freud Parfum, $135, available at Net-a-Porter. 

Bella Freud Parfum, $135, available at Net-a-Porter

I've been wearing the same perfume — Narciso Rodriguez's For Her — for so long that I no longer have any idea what it smells like. I just remember that, when I could smell it, I thought it smelled amazing. And while I do still get the occasional reminder via a compliment that it's a good scent, it still feels nice to actually smell a perfume when I put it on. Lately I've been coming back to (and getting compliments on) this one by London-based designer Bella Freud.

Known better for her sweaters with phrases like "Ginsberg is God," "Je t'aime Jane" and "1970," Freud has also slowly been growing her line of perfumes and scented candles. In fact, each of the aforementioned phrases has its own perfume counterpart, but I've been using her "signature" scent: a blend of amber resin, palmarosa and black musk. It has a few notes in common with "For Her," but smells slightly less girlie and a bit more grown-up and sophisticated (from what I can remember).

Plus, it comes in a very chic square bottle with a top that looks a bit like white oak and a drawing of a dog! I'm more of a cat person, but hey, it's cute.

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Bella Freud Parfum, $135, available at Net-a-Porter.

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