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Go Behind the Scenes With Bella Hadid and Mario Testino in the Photographer’s Latest ‘Towel Series'

It's one of many new features Testino has launched for his brand-new site, Mira Mira.

Bella Hadid is the newest addition to Mario's Testino's "Towel Series," an ongoing portrait project that's captured every famous face from Naomi Campbell and Emma Roberts to Britney Spears and even Derek Zoolander. The series started in 2013 with Kate Moss, naturally, who was freshly showered and wrapped in a towel and bathrobe while on set for a photo shoot. Testino immediately snapped a pictured of her and the rest was history. Since then, Testino has shared his portraits on Instagram with his 2.5 million followers under the hashtag #towelseries. (Though, the bath towel look goes back as early as 1992 with Herb Ritts's photo of Elizabeth Taylor for her White Diamonds fragrance campaign.)

Choosing Hadid as Testino's latest subject is also part of a bigger launch for the legendary fashion photographer: On Wednesday, he debuted his brand new content platform Mira Mira, which showcases diaries of his travels, never-before-seen photographs and behind-the-scenes takes of "Towel Series," like the video of Hadid above, dubbed "Under the Towel."

"Before, I used to publish books because I had access to all these parties, people and houses, and I would photograph everything. The whole point was to share it with people," said Testino in an interview with Business of Fashion. "Today, I feel that the books are limited because you can only reach a certain amount of people. Whereas online, you can reach 2 million people in one go. There's something about sharing that I find very interesting, and very of today. So it makes sense to put it online."

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Mira Mira is divided into four categories: "Features" includes Testino's favorite spots around the world, interviews with fellow artists and a 36-second video of the photog on a bike in Copenhagen. "Series" highlights the ongoing columns and videos on the site, like "10 Shots," "Mad About," "Private Parts" and "Director's Cuts," where "Under the Towel" lives.  "Podcasts" is pretty self-explanatory and kicks off with Testino chatting with Moss about working together. Lastly, "Shop" is where you can purchase prints, books and T-shirts.

If you find yourself in a lull this hump day, then we highly suggest browsing Mira Mira for an inside look into Testino's world.

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