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We're living in the Golden Age of Face Masks, hadn't you heard? With the world's collective sheet-mask obsession having reached a fever pitch in the past few years, it's fallen to skin-care companies to become even more innovative when dreaming up their next lines of treatments. That means that unexpected (gimmicky, at times) formulas, textures, delivery systems and ingredients are being developed at an impressive pace. And because we never met a foaming, peel-off, satisfyingly tingly or metallic face mask we didn't immediately want to test out, we've been reveling in the fruits of this beauty-industry arms race. 

Click through the below gallery to take a closer look — we photographed them ourselves — at eight weird, new, game-changing masks you'll want to get your hands (and face) on, ASAP.

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Photographed by Nina Frazier Hansen.