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Christopher Kane Partnered with Crocs for His Spring 2017 Show

Are Crocs about to be fashion's new "It" shoe?

"Crocs." There was a time (this morning, honestly) when the word would strike fear into the hearts of even the most daring fashion editor. 

But as with all things jolie laid (the polite fashion term for "this is ugly, but maybe in a chic way?"), it was only a matter of time before Crocs became fashion's next fascination. In London on Monday, Christopher Kane sent nearly all the models in his spring 2017 collection down the runway in a version of the rubbery clog, done in earthy tones and covered in geodes like Sodalite, Red Leopard, Malachite, Diaspro and Zebra Jasper, according to a release from the brand. The shoes mark an official collaboration between the London designer and the practical shoe company, and according to "Footwear News," the styles will be produced and sold.

Crocs has slowly but surely been making a play for fashion; Teen Vogue featured them in a "normcore" editorialManRepeller released sponsored content with the brand over the summer, and the shoes showed up at men's fashion week in July. Just about every ugly-but-comfortable shoe has had its moment in the stylish sun — we're looking at you, Birkenstocks, Tevas and Dr. Scholl's — but Crocs? Will this prove to be a bridge too far? Or has Christopher Kane just mandated that we must all raid our nursing and doctor friends' closets for spring 2017? Considering that Kane is a favorite among the fashion set, we won't be too surprised when we see a pair or two crop up in street style pics come February.

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