The Beauty at Fendi Involved Glitter Lips, Hair Studs and Some Very Badass Eyeliner

Courtesy of Peter Philips.
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The clothes that came down the Fendi runway in Milan were spectacular to be sure — silky slip dresses, scalloped edges and lush floral prints were involved — but can we take a moment to talk about the beauty? 

Backstage, makeup maestro Peter Philips created a graphic liner look using Diorshow Waterproof Pro liner in Backstage Black (how à propos, right?) on eyes, and evened out models' complexions with Dior Star Fluid foundation. For the hair, stylist Sam McKnight pulled models' strands into a high, sleek ponytail (a select few wore pigtails), and adorned the crown with colorful, graphic studs that gave a weird, '90s neo-digital, video-game-come-to-life kind of vibe.

However, the undeniable pièce de résistance of the look were the saccharine, glitter lips in a shade of warm, pale pink. And if you're thinking "Glitter lips? didn't we see that this season at DKNY and oh, I don't know, everywhere on Pat McGrath's Instagram?" you wouldn't be wrong — but as it turns out, Lust 004 kits was nowhere to be found. Instead, Philips went for a chunkier-textured glitter, which he applied with Ben Nye glitter glue, a brand frequently employed for stage and performance makeup. And while it's easy to position this look as "Glitter Lips: Who Did It Better?", there's no denying it: everyone loves a little sparkle.

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