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Hailey Baldwin Was Made for This Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Or was it vice-versa?
And God created Hailey. Photo: Getty Images

And God created Hailey. Photo: Getty Images

Dolce & Gabbana's ladylike pieces, often rendered in curve-hugging lace, bedazzled tap pants or flowy, printed midi skirts, were made for the most bombshell of Italian women looking to live la dolce vita. 

Hailey Baldwin might not be Italian (Wikipedia tells me she's Brazilian, English, Irish, Scottish, French and German!), but she's certainly ticking the "bombshell" portion of those qualifications in this white Dolce & Gabbana dress. She attended a dinner hosted by the brand, for which she walked earlier on Sunday, wearing a rather prim-length, sleeved dress with a row of buttons running down the back. Of course, this is Hailey Baldwin, so she made this otherwise virginal outfit look sexy with a pair of brown suede stilettos, a smoky cat-eye and an ornate Dolce & Gabbana headpiece. 

I don't think she ate much pasta that night (red sauce + white lace ≠ a good idea) but damn if she didn't look good. 

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