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Jasmine Sanders Is the Model and Influencer You Need to Know About Right Now

You may know her better as Golden Barbie.

You know who Jasmine Sanders is. Even if you don't think you know who Jasmine Sanders is, chances are, you do. If you have an Instagram, ever flip through magazines, follow fashion in any capacity or keep even a corner of your peripheral vision trained on the Kardashians, like, ever, you've seen her. 

Sanders is a model, and, like most models, she has that chameleon-like ability to completely transform from shoot to shoot. And yet, Sanders always looks like herself. Her golden skin and striking pale eyes that seem to shift from green to blue depending on the light (or her mood — are mood eyes a thing?) make her stand out; they make you remember her. And it's precisely that memorable look— and her flawless skin and springy curls — as well as a major social-media following (she has nearly 2 million Instagram followers) that make her the stuff of beauty contract dreams. 

Represented by The Society Management and recently named the face of Moroccanoil's new curl-focused line — not to mention, fresh from a selfie-filled vacation with the one and only Kim Kardashian — Sanders is having a major moment. We caught up with her via email just before fashion week for a rapid-fire game of 12 questions. Sorry, no one has time for a full 20 when fashion week is coming up. (Unfortunately — and understandably — she refrained from answering anything about anyone whose name starts with a "K." We get it. But just know that we tried.)

Can you tell me about your background, how long you've been modeling and how you got your start?

I started modeling at the age of 13. I was scouted by Sheilah Dixon from Millie Lewis Columbia in Columbia, South Carolina. We did a test shoot and the images were sent to New York and I was signed after that.

Has there been a defining moment in your career so far, something that's made you feel like you officially made it?

I honestly never expected the attention that I get. Every job is a new and exciting venture for me, and I'm very grateful and thankful for being where I am today.

You've amassed such an incredible following on social media. First can you tell me how you decided on your handle, @Golden_Barbie?

I remember going back and forth with my sister Alisha trying to figure out what my Twitter username should be, and we landed on Golden Barbie. We decided to continue the theme on all of my social media. It’s a combination of creativity and childhood nicknames that stuck with me.

What tips do you have for taking a great Instagram photo?

Always make sure you have amazing lighting and play with props if you have them.

What's your favorite Instagram filter?

I personally don't like using filters. I'm one that likes to play a little bit with brightness and contrast, but I try to keep the photo as honest as possible. If I would have to pick one, I have a thing for "Crema" or "Aden."

You recently did a shoot for Glamour with Jaden Smith. What was that like shooting with him?

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It was dope being part of such a fun spread. I've worked with Glamour so much over the years. It never gets old and it's always fun working with friends. Jaden has amazing energy and it doesn't feel like work.

You're a bit of a beauty junkie, judging from your Instagram. What's your number one makeup tip?

Don't forget to moisturize! Makeup applies a lot better on smoother, hydrated skin. 

Speaking of skin, yours is incredible; what's your skin-care routine like? Any products you use religiously?

I'm obsessed with using makeup removing wipes. I literally cannot go anywhere without them. I make sure that I don't go to bed at night with makeup on, and I'm obsessed with rosewater spray.

You were also involved with the social media campaign for Pat McGrath's new lip kit launch. What did that mean to you to be dubbed a "McGrath muse"?

I'm extremely honored and humbled that someone like Pat McGrath would consider me a muse. I've had the opportunity to work with Pat several times and I'm grateful that she would ask me to be apart of this journey with her.

You were also recently named the face of Moroccanoil's new curl line. What does it mean to you to be a part of a campaign aimed at women with naturally curly hair?

I'm excited to be the face of Moroccanoil’s new curl line because I, too, have had trouble controlling my curls throughout time. My hair is naturally curly and I'm proud to give a voice to curly haired girls out there.

What's your number one curly hair care or styling tip?

I'm constantly conditioning and hydrating my hair, especially due to the heat and intense hairstyles my hair goes through. I'm also obsessed with Moroccanoil's Smoothing Mask. I like to use it at least once a week to help hydrate and rejuvenate my curls. It allows my curls to bounce back from heat and updos. 

Your brows are also majorly on point. What do you do to groom them? Any specific tips or favorite products you use?

Thank you! I honestly try not to touch them too often. I like to maintain my natural arch and brush them with minor tweezing occasionally. I like to use clear brow gel to keep them in place regardless of a messy brow or a sleeker look.

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