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Kendall Jenner Literally Can't Stop Getting October Magazine Covers [Updated]

Her latest? "Allure"'s 20th annual Best of Beauty issue, which deems her "inimitable" and "occasionally awkward."
Kendall Jenner on "Allure," October 2016. Photo: "Allure"

Kendall Jenner on "Allure," October 2016. Photo: "Allure"

Why has every model who is not Kendall Nicole Jenner suddenly become unfit to appear on magazine covers? Is it now a prerequisite for potential cover stars to have an Instagram following that rivals the population of Thailand? Must all fashion publications now be fronted by a woman who possesses a singular nipple ring, or a portion of whose liquid assets are controlled by NBCUniversal? These are the questions I find myself asking these days, because Kendall Nicole Jenner cannot stop landing October magazine covers.

It's understandable, of course, why she'd become a hot commodity after covering Vogue's almighty September issue. First came her October cover of Vogue Japan on which she wears Balenciaga, shot by Luigi and Iango and styled by Anna Dello Russo. 

Then came Vogue Australia, revealed a week later, with Jenner wearing Gucci. This cover was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Paul Cavaco. (I know no one asked me, and you probably don't care, but this is my favorite of Jenner's recent onslaught.) 

Next, four days later, came Vogue Germany, again shot by Luigi and Iango, alongside the cover line "New Cool." This makes sense because, at 20 years old, Jenner is relatively new to this Earth, and she must be cool re: aforementioned nipple ring.

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Which brings us to number four: Allure, pictured above. This one's a biggie since it's the 20th anniversary of the title's franchise-making Best of Beauty issue. To their credit, I do have to commend Allure for steering clear of the tired "Instagirl" theme, instead employing the fantastic cover line, "The Inimitable, Occasionally Awkward Kendall Jenner." I'm intrigued.

Man, I can't wait to see what her issue of Car and Driver is going to look like. That's going to be awesome.

Update, Sept. 14: It's not Car and Driver (or Cat Fancy), but Jenner has landed a fourth international Vogue cover for October — and a fifth altogether: Vogue Spain, shot by Miguel Reveriego. The cover line touts her 65 million followers, so I'm just going to leave this here.

Update, Sept. 27: The number's up to six now with this fall/winter 2016 cover of Garage Magazine, which the publication revealed on Instagram Tuesday afternoon.

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