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This Striped Silk Blouse-and-Pant Combo Is Too Chic for Maura's Own Good

It should come with its own warning label.
La Ligne Boudoir Shirt and Pant, $245 and $275, available at

La Ligne Boudoir Shirt and Pant, $245 and $275, available at

My boyfriend has recently begun poking fun at me for how often I use the word "chic." And I don't blame him; it's become a mindless habit. There's no need to describe a ceramic tissue box as "chic," but alas, I'd done at one point over the weekend. So in an attempt not to further dilute its meaning, I've made a resolution to reserve the word for more special occasions.

One example of something that counts as a special occasion: this damn blouse-and-pant combo. Is there any other word to describe it that's more fitting than "chic," in English or otherwise?

Courtesy of the breathlessly stylish New York-based label La Ligne, the Boudour Shirt and Pant is the only thing I want to wear all fall and winter long. They're proven to be practical, too — if you head to the website, each piece is styled in three different ways for an exercise in versatility. (How brilliant?) And given that the very nature of the brand revolves around stripes, I'm confident that both pieces will never, ever fall out of style and, with the right care and upkeep, can be worn forever. 

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Say "chic" again. Chic.

La Ligne Boudoir Shirt and Pant, $245 and $275, available at

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