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You'll Probably Go as a Character from 'Stranger Things' for Halloween This Year, Says the Internet

E-commerce site Lyst has some predictions, based on global search and sales data.
Photo: Giphy

Photo: Giphy

There's a full 34 days until Halloween, but Lyst already knows what you and your crew are wearing for your festivities. It's not the Final Five and Zac Efron. It's not Donald Trump and his tanning bed. It's not even Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and a garbage can full of receipts. (All, however, stand as valid options.) According to the e-commerce site, you're most likely to go as a character from "Stranger Things," be it Eleven, Dustin or even Barb — but probably Eleven. 

To make this prediction, Lyst crunched the numbers using global search statistics from Google, as well as its own page views and sales data. Eleven is set to be most popular: This pink Peter Pan collar dress reportedly viewed once every three minutes on Lyst last week, while 80 percent of the users who searched "pink collar dress" also searched for "tube socks." Blue jackets have also grown in popularity, with this $36 jersey bomber receiving 89 percent more views in the past four weeks than the preceding month.

Then, Barb. Barb! Not only have 271 people have searched "Barb" — just "Barb" — on Lyst last week, but page views on Barb-inspired pussy bow blouses are up 42 percent compared to this time last month. 

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Meanwhile, Dustin-style mesh trucker caps have seen a 116 percent increase in the last two weeks.

The numbers don't lie: If you thought about making Millie Bobby Brown proud this Halloween, you weren't the only one. Also, if you haven't yet watched "Stranger Things" on Netflix, get to it. There's still time.

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