Magazines Are Very Into This Proenza Schouler Dress for Fall

Three's a trend.

This is a story about the fashion industry: Brand produces dress. Magazine editors flock to dress. Magazines publish onslaught of editorials that prominently feature dress. Publications (such as this one) write posts (such as the one you're currently reading) about said onslaught. History repeats itself, time is a flat circle, we're all just spokes in the bicycle wheel of the universe, etc.

Most recently, this timetable manifested itself in a pastel, macaroon-like Prada dress from fall 2015 (which became so ubiquitous that the employee responsible reportedly got fired) and a pink chiffon Gucci gown with metallic trompe l'oeil embellishments from spring 2016. On Tuesday, this fall's frontrunner was revealed: a structural, layered knit dress from Proenza Schouler's fall 2016 collection. You know the one.

It made its first appearance in Gigi Hadid's Aug. 2016 Vogue cover shoot with Olympic decathlete Ashton Eaton.

It showed up a second time the following month in the opening pages of Kendall Jenner's Sept. 2016 Vogue editorial.

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...Which brings us to the latest, in which Emily Ratajkowski wears it on Glamour's Oct. 2016 cover. It's pictured up top, but here it is again for you.

That's it for now, but odds are it's bound to crop up again — and again and again — as the October issues continue to roll out. We'll update this post should the inevitable happen.

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