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Hey, Quick Question: Is This the World's Most Expensive Sneaker?

With a retail price of $132,000, all signs point to yes.
The Diamond Sneaker by Buscemi. Photo: Buscemi

The Diamond Sneaker by Buscemi. Photo: Buscemi

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Think the shoe you see above is just half of another ol' pair of white sneakers? Nope! It features diamonds (11.50 carats, to be exact), has 18-karat gold hardware and retails for $132,000.

The sneaker in question is made by Buscemi, a footwear brand that prides itself on luxury trainers, and is an elevated version of the label's 100MM sneaker, which usually sells for $890. It's limited-edition, of course, takes 20 hours to makes (according to Footwear News) and is only available at Buscemi's brand new flagship in New York City. If you like to ogle at very expensive things, then come on down to 47 Wooster Street in Soho.

The publicists for Buscemi claim that, yes, it is the most expensive sneaker in circulation at the present moment. A quick Google search brought us to a few articles and slideshows of high-priced kicks — including a site that is literally called The Richest — and still, the diamond-encrusted pair's price point reigns.

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Photo: Buscemi

Photo: Buscemi

So, dear reader, would you be into purchasing a pair of these Buscemi sneakers for $132,000? There are plenty of other options for the very same price, just saying:

What'll it be? Please choose wisely.

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