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Pat McGrath Just Teased a Mysterious New Product on Instagram

What's up next for Pat McGrath Labs?

Makeup artist Pat McGrath has a thing for Versace. Specifically, she seems quite partial to using the fashion house's runway shows as a platform to debut — well, mysteriously and cryptically tease — the upcoming makeup launches from her eponymous brand, Pat McGrath Labs. Take, for example, the Atelier Versace fall 2016 runway, where she debuted the glitter lips that would later grace Sephora's shelves (and plenty of Instagram feeds) in the form of her Lip Kits, aka Lust 004.

And then there was the Versace spring 2017 show on Friday: McGrath took to Instagram to post a video of Gigi Hadid (shown above) with frustratingly few details. "SOMETHING IS COMING from Pat McGrath Labs.... #patmcgrathlabs005," she wrote, adding "#staytuned." And where the Atelier Versace show's glitter lips were hard to miss (or misconstrue), the Versace spring show had a far more subdued makeup look: groomed brows, a hazy, pinkish-brown shadow and a flash of pearly highlighter at the inner corners of the eyes. 

Since McGrath technically already made a highlighting balm and powder duo called Lust 003, we're puzzled as to what, exactly, she's teasing with this post. (Quick refresher: 001 was a gold pigment and 002 was a collection of pink, blue, red and black pigments.) Perhaps it'll be a skinnier highlighter pencil that can be used in the inner corners and on the Cupid's bow? Or maybe a less flashy, rose-toned eye shadow? For now, the specifics of what (and when) we can expect next from Pat McGrath Labs remain murky. But if the past has taught us anything, we do know this for sure: it's going to be awesome. (And if it can make us look even a smidgen more like Gigi Hadid, well, so much the better.)

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