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Tommy Ton Calls Out Rude Street Style Photographers on Instagram

"Show some respect, learn some manners and get over yourself."

As bloggers take to social media one by one to respond to Vogue's recent criticisms surrounding their presence at fashion week, it appears that street style photography pioneer Tommy Ton also has a few things to get off his chest. On Monday, Ton posted a throwback photo of Italian editor Giovanna Battaglia, followed by Asian journalists painstakingly gathering her outfit's fashion credits, from a past Paris Fashion Week on Instagram. His comments are specifically geared towards his photographer colleagues, who happen to "moan and groan about these women and sometimes yell at them, questioning the purpose of their note taking."

"Alongside Bill Cunningham, [these women] helped put a spotlight on what people wore to fashion month. There used to be a huge group of Asian photographers that worked peacefully together but nowadays, they are a dying breed taken over by an army of photographers," Ton wrote. "So here's what I have to say to all of you who take issue with them and feel like you can bully them: show some respect, learn some manners and get over yourself."

Industry insiders commented on the post to show their support, including fashion critic Tim Blanks. ("Tommy, thanks for taking that army of idiots to school. As @jessicaingridciccone says, arrogance is ignorance's relative. Luv on ya @tommyton.") Julia Ragolia, At Large magazine's fashion director, also sang his praises: "Well said, Tommy! I always appreciate that they actually care what we wear... or often know what it is before we even tell them. There's research and understanding in that. Thanks for coming to their defense."

As we make our way onto Paris Fashion Week, it's a huge bummer that this type of rude behavior (among professionals!) has to be addressed. Can't we all just get along?

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