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The Hairspray that Restored Karina's Faith in Hairspray

If you're only going to own one hairspray, this should be it.
Verb Ghost Hairspray, $14, available at Sephora

Verb Ghost Hairspray, $14, available at Sephora

My early memories of hairspray consist of my mom misting my perpetually messy hair in front of my bathroom mirror before a school dance or other special event where I had to look neat and presentable. (Spoiler alert: That would never really happen.) Those memories are also tied to me spending the duration of the [insert engagement here] feeling the crunchiness of my hair, helmet-like in its weight and lack of movement. Not a great look.

I've basically steered clear of aerosol hair products since those adolescent years (dry shampoo is the rare exception), until recently, when Verb's hairspray came into my life. I'd just finished curling my hair (an achievement in and of itself), and was looking to weather-proof it for at least a couple of hours. So despite initial reservations, I reached for the canister. To my delight, my hair still felt like hair — and also smelled amazing. The weightless formula is infused with moringa oil, glycerin and vitamin B5, all of which moisturize strands, keeping them shiny and soft while also locking in style. And while what it means to "ghost" may have adopted a negative connotation in recent months, I'd say Verb is making it a good thing. (A very, very good thing.)

Verb Ghost Hairspray, $14, available at Sephora

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