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A Ranking of Models' Lip-Synching Skills in 'Vogue''s 'Freedom '90' Update

From Joan Smalls to Taylor Hill.

At the end of every New York Fashion Week, Vogue's digital team has started the tradition of putting together a fun video filled with the best runway looks from the week. Who could forget last season's "Hello Bitches!" or spring 2016's "Good Times"? These videos have become a highlight, not only because they're just straight-up incredible production-wise, but also because we get a chance to see models in their most awkward state: dancing. For spring 2017, Vogue decided to up the ante and asked the models to lip sync, too. God bless us, every one. 

For reasons not immediately clear to us, the song of choice is George Michael's classic hit "Freedom '90" (Vogue says October marks the song's 26th anniversary, but since when has anyone cared about the 26th anniversary of anything?). It seems especially uncharitable when you consider the original music video featured Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, and is largely considered an iconic moment of the supermodel era. 

But when Vogue says jump, you jump, and when Vogue says, "Lip sync to 'Freedom '90'!" you do that, too — well, for the most part. Thankfully, Vogue broke the video down into Instagram snippets, which means we can rank the girls' commitment to the lip sync game — and let's just say some of these women don't have futures in music-video appearances. 

Ladies, just remember: No matter where you fall, you still get an A for coming out and looking incredible.

1. Joan Smalls

Okay, well, everyone else can go home, because Joan just shut this shit down. She came to win. I would watch an entire video just of Joan Smalls lip-synching to "Freedom '90." 

2. Carolyn Murphy

First, does Carolyn Murphy just never age?! Second, she works this like she's been practicing for it her whole life. 

3. Andreea Diaconu

Andreea was the star of one of the best Vogue videos of all time (no, not "Panda," though that gets an honorable mention), so clearly she knows what she's doing in front of the camera. There's some good, professional lip-synch work here. 

Anna appears in five other clips, so we're not ranking her appearance here. Also, this is the only time we see Imaan Hammam, who doesn't get any lip-synching in. Vogue, wyd?!

4. Anna Ewers (in Coach)

From the setting to Anna's hair-tossing and posing, this looks like an outtake from the actual video.

5. Adriana Lima (in Marc Jacobs)

This is an incredibly sexed-up version of what my friends look like at karaoke. 

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6. Anna Ewers (in Hood by Air)

This is a much less awkward version of what I look like at karaoke, which is to say, that's an A+ hair flip. 

7. Adriana Lima (in Ralph Lauren)

Add a little more twang to this, and Adriana just made the most fire country music video of 2016. 

8. Anna Ewers (in Tory Burch)

Not a lot of lip-synching here, but, uh... what were we talking about?

9. Irina Shayk

No lip-synching to speak of, but Irina really commits to dancing on the back of a moving truck in a Marc Jacobs outfit that shows off her ass, so we're awarding points because this does look like a real music video.

10. Grace Hartzel

Ah, now there's that awkward model dancing we've come to love and expect from Vogue! Grace doesn't try to lip sync, but damn if she doesn't commit to serving us some moves.

11. Anna Ewers (in Tom Ford)

When you're posing like the Mother of Dragons and walking on strangers' hands, you can get away with not bothering to lip sync.

12. Liu Wen

Some truly great posing work from Liu at the end, but there's no attempt at lip-synching here. 

13. Andreea Diaconu and Anna Ewers (in Alexander Wang)

Honestly, this is the best you can do wearing Alexander Wang?!

14. Vittoria Ceretti 

Vittoria might be having a breakout season, but that doesn't include lip-synching, apparently. 

15. Anna Ewers (in Gypsy Sport)

Considering all of Anna's other great entries, this one is just pretty boring. 

16. Taylor Hill

Oh, Taylor. In her defense, she wasn't even born when the original song came out, so perhaps she doesn't know the words to this incredibly iconic song. Tay, you gotta have some faith in the sound!

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