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The Cozy Fall Candle That Makes Stephanie Feel Like A Sanderson Sister

It's full of autumnal, spellbinding notes.
Byredo Apocalyptic candle, $80, available at Barneys New York. Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

Byredo Apocalyptic candle, $80, available at Barneys New York. Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

This is super original, I know, but I love fall. And October. And Halloween-themed things. And candy corn (controversial though that may be). And I've pretty much been watching the classic 1993 film "Hocus Pocus" on a constant loop since childhood. That movie is what makes this fancy, $80 candle feel so oddly nostalgic to me. Let me explain: Byredo candles have black wax. And even though the flame itself is just regular flame color, lighting it always reminds me of the black-flame candle from my favorite Halloween movie. You know, the one that the virgin Max lights on All Hallow's Eve in order to resurrect Bette Milder and Sarah Jessica Parker and that third Sanderson sister?

Not Carrie Bradshaw. Photo: Giphy

Not Carrie Bradshaw. Photo: Giphy

But the witchy black wax isn't the only reason I love this candle for fall. Let's take a look at the notes in the scent, shall we? Byredo's website tells me that the Apocalyptic candle has top notes of fire irons and black raspberry, middle notes of oakmoss and papyrus and base notes of dark woods and birch woods. Doesn't every single one of those sound exactly like something Winnie Sanderson would love? (Though, sure, she might have thrown in some dead man's toe or newts.)

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The overall effect of the scent is warm, enveloping and unbelievably cozy, but also mysterious, earthy and a little — dare I say? — spellbinding. Thackery Binx, feel free to come hang out at my apartment whenever.

Byredo Apocalyptic candle, $80, available at Barneys New York.

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