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Chantal's Blue Velvet Ankle Booties

I can't get them out of my head.
Dear Frances Spirit boots, $550, available for pre-order at Dear Frances.

Dear Frances Spirit boots, $550, available for pre-order at Dear Frances.

Prime ankle boot weather has arrived. The shoe style is really a yearly staple, but fall is its peak season and as such, I've been lusting after quite a few pairs — especially in velvet. The ones I can't get out of my mind at the moment are Dear Frances's Spirit boots in dark blue crushed velvet. 

My rational brain wonders if I will regret wearing such a delicate fabric on New York City's dirty, sticky, slushy streets. Will velvet feel outdated next year? Meanwhile, my irrational brain tells my rational brain to shut up and stop being such a killjoy. We talked about this, it says. Life is short and nothing is for certain except death and taxes. And it turns out that no one pays taxes anyway. Follow your bliss, continues my irrational brain, reminding my rational brain that control is an illusion and I can definitely make up the difference in my bank account by brown-bagging my lunch for the next 10 years. That's just the kind of math-based logic my rational brain needs to hear to get on board, forgetting for a moment that I will never, ever pre-pack a lunch. Excellent, says my irrational brain, place the order. If we're lucky the boots will arrive just in time for the fall foliage. And both brains agree these crushed velvet boots are perfect for crushing leaves on a crisp October day. 

Dear Frances Spirit boots, $550, available for pre-order at Dear Frances. 

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