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An Easy, Messy Hair Tutorial for When You Need a Quick Fix

It takes only a few minutes, promise.

Beauty tutorials are big on YouTube — a search for "makeup tutorial" and "hair tutorial" yields more than five million videos. In this weekly series, we put a mix of popular and under-the-radar tutorials to the test and show you what's best.

Blogger and #influencer Marianna Hewitt has that always-looking-put-together thing on lock. She's even mastered the art of what I'll call no-hair hair, which looks just as easy and laid-back as no-makeup makeup, but, you know, for your hair. It's all about an effortlessly cool effect — and in this case, there really does seem to be a blessedly minimal amount of effort involved. "It's kind of this '90s, grungy, I-care-but-I-don't-care kind of thing," says Hewitt, describing the look.

One genius tip Hewitt drops at the beginning of the video is that if you're short on time but your hair is sorely in need of a shampoo, you can section out only the front part that frames your face and wash it in the sink (anyone with bangs has likely done this plenty of times). For the rest of the (super easy!) steps, watch Hewitt's video above.

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Homepage photo: Instagram/@Marianna_Hewitt

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