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How to Dress to Interview for Your Dream Job in Fashion

For when you've got to werk to work.
Dressed to impress. Try pairing chic trousers with a coat in a contrasting color like these from Theory. 

Dressed to impress. Try pairing chic trousers with a coat in a contrasting color like these from Theory

Getting your dream job in the fashion industry doesn’t end with filling out an impressive resume and writing a killer cover letter. When you finally land the interview for your fashion dream job it pays (literally) to dress for the part.

But dressing right doesn’t have to mean buying a head-to-toe designer look for the occasion. When you’re interviewing in the fashion space, it’s more about showing that you understand the role clothes play at the place you’ll be working and not distracting your interviewer with pieces that take away from your amazing background experience and personality. In other words, this might not be the place to bust out your best street style bait, but you don’t want an outfit to be totally unremarkable either.

Keep reading for a few tips we’ve assembled based on our own interview experience and speaking with the experts. If you’re still in the trenches of your job search, don’t miss our careers page for all our daily updated listings.

Don’t dress for the job you have.

There is nothing like finding a new wardrobe favorite to give you that extra boost of confidence. If you’re in the process of interviewing, it’s because you want to move up in the world. The same white button-down you wore religiously in your last role is not going to put you in the right frame of mind to tackle a new one. Consider some fresh pieces to get you ready for a brand new start, like Theory’s new fluid tie-neck button-down, as an upgrade to worn out ware. If you’re in the market for a chic new tote, impress your future boss with something like this piece from Theory.

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Do your research.

Once you’ve secured an interview, make sure to look up the person you’ll be interviewing with and their team; you never know who you’ll be unexpectedly introduced to, and it’s always a plus if you are familiar with as many people as possible beforehand. Getting a feel for your interviewer’s personality will help you get a better understanding of what to wear and can help you gauge what might be appropriate. Take a look at how they dress in photos (especially ones where they appear to be at work) and narrow down your closet selections.

Equally, researching company culture will also help you gauge what #aesthetic they are going for as a whole. Dressing the part will give your interviewer the vision to place you in their world.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Taking company culture into consideration is important, but don’t be afraid to show them who you are through your own personal twist. "I actually pay a good amount of attention to the outfit choice and do remember what they wore, especially if it is an interesting look," says designer Lela Rose. You won’t be the only person interviewing for your dream job, and making sure you stand out from the competition could land you this new role. Adding a signature accessory like these calf leather loafers from Joseph could set you apart from your competition.

Be comfortable.

You’ll be on your best game if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Don’t overcomplicate things. “Less is more. It is more important to show professionalism; we want to see that you are going to work hard,” says Saks Fifth Avenue stylist Sofia Champalanne. Remember, if you land this dream job, you’re going to be there every day and will be expected to pull off the same sense of style you presented during the interview. For a comfortable feel with a classic look pair these black Theory double-face wool flare pants with a chic white blouse like this short-sleeved version from Acne.

This seems obvious, but don’t be a mess.

Small details like a fresh manicure and lint-free outfit show that you care. Putting in a little extra time and effort can show your future employers that you would do the same on the job. Emphasize your clean look with Theory’s double-face wool unconstructed jacket.

Still need outfit ideas? Click through the gallery below for more options.