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Dhani's Dream Product for 'Undone' Hair

A "coconut oil gel" that's neither oily nor sticky, but more or less gives me the hair of my dreams with minimal effort.
IGK Rich Kid coconut oil gel, $27, available at Sephora.

IGK Rich Kid coconut oil gel, $27, available at Sephora.

So a little background on my hair: I'm mixed, so it's naturally very curly and frizzy but relatively fine, and I usually get keratin treatments that leave it much less frizzy, much less curly, but still a bit wavy and much flatter and limper. When I blow it out, sometimes I feel like it's too straight and "blah," and curling it after that just feels like too many steps in the morning. So lately I've been letting my hair air dry, but without any product it often just looks kind of uneven and messed up — and not in a chic way.

Enter this IGK product that I stole from some corner of the Fashionista office (i.e., I did not pay for it). It somehow turns that mess into the shiny, soft, tousled, healthy looking hair of my dreams: not quite put-together enough for a fancy meeting or evening event, but in line with the cool, low-key, French vibe I aspire to project day-to-day. The effect seems somewhat similar to, but more hydrating than, a salt spray, which I can't use with my keratin treatment anyway. It's called "Rich Kid" and while I don't think socioeconomic status should correlate to the quality of your hair, there is something elevated about the way my hair looks after I use it. It's also described as a "coconut oil gel," though it really doesn't feel like an oil or a gel. It's more creamy, yet still lightweight, and hydrates your hair without making it greasy or crunchy, the way a gel might. I just spread some onto my hair while it's damp, let it air dry (I've even gone to sleep after applying it) and elegantly disheveled hair is mine.

IGK Rich Kid coconut oil gel, $27, available at Sephora.

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