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Karlie Kloss Is So Boring — and That's Why She's My Favorite Model

Sometimes, nice girls finish first.
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Karlie Kloss at the Dior Spring 2017 show. Photo: Getty Images

Karlie Kloss at the Dior Spring 2017 show. Photo: Getty Images

I realize I'm going to get a lot of blowback for saying this, but we've got to just put it out there: Karlie Kloss is incredibly boring. 

Before searching me out on social media (hi, you can fight me at @eiffeltyler!), please understand: I mean this in a good way. Unlike so many of her peers, Kloss most often makes headlines for her outfits rather than her personal life. There have been no rock'n'roll boyfriends, no drug scandals, no late-night paparazzi disasters. Kloss's relationship with Oscar Health co-founder Joshua Kushner is so low-key I bet you forgot they were dating. While Kloss does have a high social following, modeling came first — not the other way around.

The most scandalous thing she's ever done is be friends with Taylor Swift, and yet she's artfully dodged all of the various "squad" controversies to pop up over the years. Kloss's main interests outside of fashion are making healthy "cookies" (god bless you angel but almonds and gluten-free flour untouched by dairy do not cookies make) and teaching young girls how to code. She enrolled in NYU! She's going to appear on Bill Nye's new show! She makes terrible puns about bangs!

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But a huge part of Kloss's charm is precisely that she is a homebody. The reason that this is perhaps one of her greatest assets — in my mind, anyway — is that her boring off-duty life presents an even starker contrast for her incredible modeling skills. Unlike some models who can read a little one-note — think the bad girl, the ingenue, the "jolie laide" — Kloss disappears into just about any "role" you give her. Obviously, she telegraphs All-American spirit, but I buy her as a glammed-up sexpot just as much as I do a slicked-back athlete, the chic power-mom just as much as the downtown-cool girl. That's in no small part because I have no preconceived notions of what Kloss is like in real life — in other words, being boring makes Kloss even more perfect. How perfectly boring is that! 

I don't even feel bad about calling her boring because I truly believe that is an intentional choice on her part. (It's not as though a beautiful, famous, wealthy woman in her early 20s is lacking for options in terms of partying and being seen.) Since starting in the industry, Kloss built a reputation for herself as the kind, grateful professional that shows up on time and brings cookies to set. If she is capable of bad behavior, it has yet to become industry rumor. Anecdotally, the few times I've interviewed her, she remembered not only who I was, but also where we had last met. She even stopped to take a selfie with me outside the Dior show in Paris in 2010 when I was just a lil' fashion nerd! 

Ultimately, I love that Kloss is boring because I myself am a boring person. In a world where some of the top models are valued more for the eyeballs they bring than the skills they have, I like to believe that there's still room for nice girls to finish first, too. Don't get me wrong, I love Gigi and Bella Hadid and the Instagirl squad. It's just that, in an analogy where I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack, the Hadids et al are my Skechers, and Kloss is my Prada backpack. She just never goes out of style. (I'm sorry, I'm sorry!)

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