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Try This Perfect-For-Fall Matte Lipstick Look This Weekend

We're still not over matte lipstick.

Beauty tutorials are big on YouTube — a search for "makeup tutorial" and "hair tutorial" yields more than five million videos. In this weekly series, we put a mix of popular and under-the-radar tutorials to the test and show you what's best.

The matte lipstick trend is still going, and beauty blogger Estée Lalonde just created a video showcasing a super-pretty way to wear it for fall. Her take on the look includes a deep plummy-red shade of Giorgio Armani Beauty's Lip Magnet lip color (which, it's worth noting, launches in the U.S. on the brand's website on October 15).

One reason Lalonde's tutorials are so enjoyable to watch is that she's relatable. Rather than going for the veneer of perfection so many influencers aim for, she acknowledges and embraces what others might consider flaws. "I don't really mind if a bit of redness shows, because it kind of makes me look like a real human," she says toward the beginning of the video, while she's applying concealer. Props for acknowledging that you are a mortal being while applying your makeup, Estée.

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Watch Lalonde's full video above.

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