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Stella McCartney's Spring 2017 Show Ended With a Model Dance Party

Plus: the designer's husband Alasdhair Willis gave a sneak peek at her new menswear line.
Stella McCartney dance party! Photo: Imaxtree

Stella McCartney dance party! Photo: Imaxtree

Stella McCartney debuted her spring 2017 collection during Paris Fashion Week on Monday with a finale to trump every social-media-friendly finale from the past month. The models arrived onto the catwalk dancing in unison to an upbeat dance track. They started with a picked-up walking pace with energetic hand motions and then transitioned into a full-on choreographed performance. 

And while we usually find ourselves poking fun at models dancing, this was truly enjoyable to watch, especially since the models were having just as much fun as the show's audience. Obviously, there was plenty of documentation on social media. Read on for our favorite recaps.

Salma Hayek captured the beginning of the finale from her front row seat as she cheered the models on. You can even see Anna Wintour beaming in the background.

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The models' routine turned into something more Bollywood-esque, which kept the show's energy up even more. (We see you, Binx!)

Finally, a dance-off! If that doesn't boost your mood for the home stretch of Paris Fashion Week then we don't know what will.

But that wasn't the only surprise McCartney had up her sleeve. As revealed on Instagram, her husband Alasdhair Willis was seen front row wearing a look from the designer's anticipated menswear line, which she announced back in June. The collection will make its full debut in November and arrive in stores just before Christmas.

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