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Hey, Quick Question: Would You Book a Fashion Experience with Airbnb?

Be a kawaii queen in Tokyo!
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Airbnb trip to Tokyo. Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb trip to Tokyo. Photo: Airbnb

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Fashion people *love* to travel. The more Instagram-worthy the landmarks and interiors, the better. One of the most FOMO-inducing spots last summer involved a highly branded house in the Hamptons rented by a buzzy online retailer. So when Airbnb launched its newest "people-powered platform," called Trips, last week, naturally the fashion-focused experiences that you can book involve shopping (so much shopping) and designer studio visits with local experts.

A few have already sparked our inner wanderlust: You can live like a kawaii queen (!) in Tokyo for three days with Ai, the president of a lolita fashion community, who will take you shopping in Harajuki for the perfect kawaii-friendly outfit, which you'll then show off at a tea party. 

Airbnb Trip to Paris. Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb Trip to Paris. Photo: Airbnb

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There's also experiencing "high glamour" in London through the eyes of a burlesque dancer pro with lessons (obvs), corset shopping and DIY nipple tassels that will put mom's collection of souvenir refrigerator magnets to shame. In Miami, an emerging fashion city, you can link up with an influencer for drinks and retail therapy in the Design District and Wynwood. Plus, you'll likely come up with plenty of hashtag-adorned content (#ShopLikeRia, specifically) along the way.

Though we've moved on from fashion's obsession with French girls, it doesn't hurt to get a few shopping and style tips on a "Beautiful Stylings" in Paris, and if you would prefer to go the Parisian Dandy route in the French capital, there's that option, too.

Airbnb trip in Seoul. Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb trip in Seoul. Photo: Airbnb

In South Africa, you can book "Local Threads" for two days and meet, shop and celebrate the region's local designers and makers. Or if you find yourself in Korea's Seoul, you can visit the office of StyleShare, a social network app for fashion, and meet the co-founder and marketing director Chaeyeon, who will tell you all about the sharing app and her career. Okay, that kind of sounds like torture (It's vacation!). But the end of this "StyleSharer" trip involves shopping and stopping at Seoul's trendiest photo-friendly spots, which sounds way more appealing because Instagram pics or it NEVER HAPPENED.

So would you book any of these fashion experiences through Airbnb for your next trip? And will you take us with you?

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