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Distract Yourself from the Election Results With Some Adorable Animals in Fashion Shoots

We promise it's oddly therapeutic.
We're all going to be OK. Photo: Bruce Weber for 'Porter'

We're all going to be OK. Photo: Bruce Weber for 'Porter'

We know there's not much that we, the editors of Fashionista, can say or do to assuage the shock, fear, anger and/or anxiety you may be feeling on account of the fact that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Honestly, we're gutted ourselves, as are many of our industry counterparts, who openly stood by Clinton for the duration of her campaign. 

While all's quiet on the fashion news front — excepting the fact that international markets are in turmoil following Trump's victory, which may yield devastating results — we suggest that you take the day to breathe deeply, practice self-care and, perhaps most importantly, educate yourself on which organizations close to your heart deserve your time and energy in the years ahead. However, if you're in need of a mindless distraction, we've pulled together a list of recent magazine covers and images that feature some adorable baby animals — a task that was oddly therapeutic. And, as we've suggested before, there are few things that typing "Bruce Weber puppies" into your Google search bar can't cure... at least temporarily.

Give yourself a little stress break by browsing the gallery below, and just remember: we'll get through this together. 

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