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Beyonce Surprised No One by Wearing a Naked Dress to Perform at the 2016 CMAs

She and the Dixie Chicks color-coordinated in black and white.
Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

About two hours into the 2016 Country Music Association Awards, just as we all started to wonder if Wednesday’s widespread rumors that Beyoncé would perform were part of an elaborate PR stunt to get people to watch the Country Music Association Awards, Queen Bey took the stage with the Dixie Chicks to perform “Daddy Lessons,” as expected.

The "surprise" performance may not have had the same impact as if it had actually been a surprise. Still, it ruled — thanks in part to Beyoncé officially becoming the Beyoncé of country music, but also due in large part to some A+ color-coordinated stage looks, with Beyoncé and her backup musicians wearing white and the Dixie Chicks wearing black.

Bey went her typical sparkly, naked-gown route with a hint of the antebellum/Victorian-era aesthetic she wore in “Lemonade,” as seen in the otherwise curve-hugging dress’s voluminous sleeves.

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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Beyoncé is obviously a tough lady to share a stage with, but the Dixie Chicks, whose real names I couldn’t recite with a gun to my head, actually looked pretty great in their Victorian-tinged (well, lacy and high-necked, at least) black looks and sparkly accessories. Clearly, someone thought about the overall presentation, which made for an appropriately cohesive and statement-making performance aesthetic, even if it wasn't particularly "country."

At another point during the show, Beyoncé changed into a different, heavily embellished, statement-making gown to take red-carpet photos.

So to Beyoncé, congrats on another flawless 2016 awards show performance and for getting a lot of people to watch the CMAs for the first and last time.

We'll update this story as more images and outfit credits roll in.

Homepage photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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