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Closet Cleaning 101: Reinvent Yourself With Material World

The fashion trade-in site has the perfect way to extend the lifecycle of your clothes and accessories.

With winter looming, now is the perfect time to conquer one of the most impossible solo tasks ever — cleaning out your closet. It's especially difficult if you, like us, tend to attach memories to your clothes, to the point where the thought of removing a piece can be devastating. And once you do sum up the courage to get rid of something, you’re faced with another challenge: what to do with it. Luckily, Material World has your back.

Founded by two e-commerce natives and Harvard Business School graduates Rie Yano and Jie Zheng in 2012, the fashion trade-in site has helped millions of women get rid of their fashion pieces. It is the perfect way to evolve your personal style in a smart, socially conscious way so you can extend the lifecycle of your fashion purchases — and get paid up front.

Step one is, obviously, deciding what to trade in. When you're going through your wardrobe ask yourself these questions: Do you need this? Can you remember the last time you wore it? Was it in the past year? Hypothetically speaking, can you wear it this upcoming week? Once you've had a heart to heart with yourself and accepted you've become a clothes hoarder, you'll realize it's time to trade in yesterday’s fashions for credit to shop either new or pre-owned items.

Getting started with Material World is hassle-free. The easy part is creating an account online so you’ll be able to request a complimentary trade-in kit for your items. Once you've selected the fashion pieces, mail in your items at no risk. The fashion trade-in service covers 100 percent of the shipping for both trade-ins and any returns (how awesome is that?). An expert merchandiser then inspects all products to ensure quality; if your items pass inspection you’ll receive an offer. Keep in mind, Material World only accepts high-end designer pieces that are gently worn and styles from within five years. Other conditions to take note of:

● No stains and marks, especially light-colored garments and around the neckline and underarms

● Check for holes and tears, particularly along hems and seams.

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● No alterations, especially at hems and sleeves.

● The expert merchandising team carefully inspect all product to ensure authenticity. No replicas or missing brand labels.

The next step is getting paid. Material World will quote you an upfront offer (no pressure though) for your luxe pieces as soon as the site receives your items. There is absolutely no waiting. Once you receive your offer, you can either accept or pass. However, if the offer does pique your interest, which we promise it will, you’ll be able to load your shopping credit onto the Material World Fashion Trade-in Card. You’ll then be able to shop new fashions or pre-owned goodies with your reloadable debit card from more than 700 of the crème de la crème of high-end retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop and Nordstrom, both in-store and online. For example, if you trade in seven items from brands like Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and more, you can make more than $200 in upfront credit.

Now that we know where to send your gently worn items and how much money you can make for your impeccable style, let’s tackle the next piece of the puzzle: choosing what new items to get.

With incredible pre-owned prices as well as the option to shop and then trade-in, Material World is a great way to kick off the holiday season and 2017 with a new wardrobe — without breaking the bank.

Below are examples of the endless options Material World offers:

Statement bags

Heels that make an outfit

No-brainer dresses and tops

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