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20 Chic, Cozy Pieces You Can Wear to Your Freezing Office

Go one step above your requisite #deskblanket.
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Do you feel it? That chill that freezes you down to the bone, from which it takes you hours to recover — and even then, somehow, you're not completely warm? We're talking about your office conditions in the fall and winter, the temperatures of which are on par with the Arctic tundra, among other ice-covered regions. (Anyone who's been forced to make a space-heater out of a Styrofoam cup of warm water knows the struggle.)

As the temperatures keep on dropping and fall rolls right into winter, you're going to want to stock up on warm and cuddly items. It's an added plus if they're office-appropriate, because who doesn't want your business wardrobe to double as your life wardrobe? While every workplace's dress code may be different, there are certain fuzzy faux fur stoles or sharp, immaculate sweater coats that can be worn across the majority of settings. And you'll be especially happy you have them come January, when your requisite #deskblanket is no longer enough.

Read on for 20 cozy, work-appropriate picks.

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