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How To Dress Ethically For A Holiday Party

May your days be merry and bright, and may all your clothing be ethically made.
Photo: Rachel Comey

Photo: Rachel Comey

In an ideal world, the holidays would be filled with almost nothing but warm fuzzies. There'd be no tense political arguments with your family, just love. There'd be no useless calories in the pumpkin pie and eggnog, just deliciousness. There'd be no obligatory parties with people you don't like, just endless hangs with your bests.

Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world, so the holidays are a mixed time for many. But one thing you should be able to feel unequivocally good about? Your wardrobe.

With an ever-increasing crop of design-conscious brands that are also committed to having a positive social and environmental impact, outfitting yourself for all the holiday functions you'll be attending is easier than ever. Here, browse some of the best picks from brands like Rachel Comey and Brother Vellies to get dressed up in a way that won't compromise your style or your conscience. 


Whether you're mingling with coworkers at a fluorescently lit office party or hoping to catch a kiss at a New Year's Eve soiree, these frocks will keep you in a festive mood.

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