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The Ethically-Made Silver Platforms Whitney Would Live In

If only they weren't sold out in her size.
silver platforms house of inca

I don't shop very much for a person who writes about fashion for a living. Why would I, when I can find free things on people's stoops in Brooklyn or accept hand-me-downs that belonged to my 93-year-old-friend's late wife? Ok, so maybe this is the wrong industry in which to make such a confession, but whatever. Freegans of the world, unite!

Anyway, when I do shop, I tend to either go secondhand or look for brands whose manufacturing and sourcing ethics I trust. And while that's great for my conscience, it can be annoying to sift through a million crunchy, boho ethical brands to find something that fits my Tumblr-raised, internet-age dreams.

But these heels, as far as I am concerned, are pretty much perfect. They're handmade in Peru by a company that maintains close relationships with their artisans; the silver leather makes them feel like they belong anywhere but the middle of the jungle; the closed toe with cutouts means they could be worn as is in summer or with socks/tights in winter; the platform adds height without discomfort; the chunky heel feels feminine but not frail.

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Alas, I've been thinking about them for over a year now — only to realize they've sold out of my size. If your luck is better than mine, please buy these heels and think of me. I'll be over here in the Doc Martens I got for free.

Fortress of Inca Lena Cut-Out Heel, $180, available at

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