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Maria's Oversized Silver Puffer Jacket Is Beyoncé-Approved

I want to be a human disco ball.
Oversized Bonded Puffer by Ivy Park, $200, available at

Oversized Bonded Puffer by Ivy Park, $200, available at

Breaking: Our favorite trends from the '90s are back! Yes, I'm #hereforit, but I also want to scream every time I get an email pitch on chokers. (I think we went a little overboard with that one, no?) The one throwback style that I'll gladly welcome with open arms is the puffer jacket. Only because winter will soon be here and I'll be spending nearly three months straight swathed in cozy layers. Why not add one more that feels like a marshmallow?

And if I'm going to dress myself in a puffer jacket, I don't want some modernized, minimal version. (Though, admittedly, my wardrobe is already so, so minimal.) I want to go balls to the freakin' wall with my puffer jacket. So when I came across this one from Beyoncé's own Ivy Park, it pretty much fit the bill: It's oversized, with a '90s-style logo zipper pull and the brightest shade of silver you've ever seen. Wear it with your athleisure look to go work out (as Queen B would want you to), or the next time you go out with friends — preferably to a '90s-themed dance party. If you ever wanted to be a human disco ball (hi, me, yes, please), here's your chance.

Oversized Bonded Puffer by Ivy Park, $200, available at

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