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Hey, Quick Question: What Fits In This Adorable Mansur Gavriel Baby Bucket Bag?

What's left of our sanity, for one.
Mansur Gavriel's Baby Bucket Bag. Photo: Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel's Baby Bucket Bag. Photo: Mansur Gavriel

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Mansur Gavriel's bucket bag has been a top seller ever since the brand was founded in 2012. Thus, in addition to expanding into new styles and even footwear, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel continue to produce new iterations of their most popular silhouette.

Enter the Baby Bucket. Smaller than the Mini and even tinier than the Mini Mini, this itty-bitty version fits in the palm of your hand. (According to a Mansur Gavriel spokesperson, the bag is a little less than five inches tall and is exactly three inches wide. Eep!) The new style will be offered at the label's upcoming pop-up shop in New York City, which opens on Friday, as well as online. Available in four different colors, the Baby Bucket will cost between $195 and $225.

The bag's size got us thinking: What exactly can one fit in a Baby Bucket bag? Definitely not an iPhone Plus. Perhaps a couple of credit cards and some makeup items. We at Fashionista came up with a few other (slightly unhinged) ideas. Enjoy the running list of tiny things below.

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Click through the gallery below to see more of the Baby Bucket and send us your own suggestions in the comments below!

The Mansur Gavriel pop-up, located at 134 Wooster St., opens at 12 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 18 through Jan. 11, 2017. 

This post has been updated from its original version to include the Baby Bucket's dimensions.

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