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Naomie Harris in Dolce & Gabbana Is What Suiting Dreams Are Made Of

No matter your politics, you've gotta admire that pantsuit.
naomie harris white suit

Naomie Harris in Dolce & Gabbana at "The New York Times"'s TimesTalks at the Brooklyn Public Library on Tuesday. Photo: Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images

Naomie Harris was probably not trying to make a statement about women's suffrage — or the Hillary Clinton-inspired #pantsuitnation — by wearing this impeccably tailored white Dolce & Gabbana suit to a talk at the Brooklyn Public Library. Not that those things would necessarily be out of character for a woman starring in "Moonlight," one of this year's most-talked-about films that deals sensitively with a range of social issues from race to queerness to mass incarceration. So, If Naomie was trying to make a statement about her political views, or the importance of women voting, we wouldn't necessarily be surprised. But even if all she was trying to say with her outfit was, "I know how to pull off a suit better than most human beings," that'd be cool, too. Because she does. 

The impeccable tailoring — nipped in perfectly at the waist, but not too tight, with pants that are wide but somehow still slimming — is what really makes this look. Combined with pretty-but-understated makeup, a houndstooth print Alexandra Clancy clutch and pointy-toed Sophia Webster heels, Harris manages to look smokin' while simultaneously projecting a smart, strong aura. Pretty and powerful? That's a combination we can't help but vote "yes" for.

naomie harris white suit

Photo: Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images

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