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13 Safety Pin Brooches To Wear Now and For the Next Four Years

An easy way to show your solidarity.

Ever since Wednesday morning's controversial election results, social media has been aglow with more anti-Trump hashtags than you can count. But on Friday, another hashtag started popping up in my Twitter feed — one that at first glance didn't seem particularly political: #Safetypin.

The hashtag — and the trend it touts — comes to us from Great Britain. As Slate reports, "in the days after the shocking Brexit vote, immigrants and people of color across Britain came under attack... In response, people of goodwill began wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity with immigrants."

As a white-looking woman who did not vote for Donald Trump, this idea strikes a chord within me. In the days since the election, I — much like the author of the aforementioned Slate article — have worried that, with my light hair and fair skin, people could easily assume that I am one of the many who did vote for Trump. This kills me. My mother a first-generation American (and my last is name Pérez), and I stand so firmly against the racism, sexism and bigotry that our new president-elect represents that the idea of anyone thinking I somehow support it or him is more than I can bear. On Wednesday morning, I told my husband that maybe we should wear sandwich boards that say "Wasn't me!" for the next four years.

Which is, admittedly, not so practical, and why I'm grateful for this Safety Pin movement. Wear one to show that you stand with immigrants, the LGBT community, people of color and anyone else who may be marginalized. Wear one to show you're a safe place and a person who will stand up for what's right — then put that belief into action by volunteering, speaking up and donating to whatever progressive organizations you can.

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